Maine’s Finest Event Review

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written by: Jason Perry

My very first introduction to CMC was through a good friend of mine Brian Austin back in 2006. At the time I had no idea autocross even existed, but Brian was already nuts about it. Consequently about 6 months later, and 5 days after signing the paperwork on my barely used 2003 Mitsubishi Evo 8, I was sliding sideways at the Crooker lot in Brunswick. Temp paper plates and all. After that I never really looked at motorsports the same, or parking lots for that matter. I never would have thought, in a million years, that some cones in barely used tarmac parking lot could be such an insane amount of fun.

CMC has been around since 1958, which I’m not going to lie am just only now realizing, and these guys strictly do autocross. They are the only organization in Maine to sanction these events, and they strictly adhere to SCCA rules and regulations. Safety is also huge priority with these guys, as it should be. There really isn’t a whole lot of room for error at these events and every single person that works the track picking cones has a buddy to cover them. Much like the organizers of Dust-off last weekend, these guys have had a lot of practice. Even the equipment is top notch. It had been a couple of years since I last attended a CMC event and everything they have, has been upgraded. I really like the whole FM transmitter setup they have now, that way you can hear competitors times, and the always glowingly sarcastic commentary. Unfortunately the rain couldn’t quit hold up for the entire event and I left before any trophies were handed out or times were read aloud. I really hope however that I can bring some light to what these guys have going on, and maybe bring some more interest into the club. I have some very fond memory’s that are near and dear to my heart that came from these events and this club. CMC is like a family and I got to witness that first hand. So go check their website below. Take a ride to the next event. Sign the waiver and just take a ride, and I promise you, that you’ll be hooked. Just like me and my brother were. If you’re interested in watching some of CMC’s events or even participating.


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