Kart Program

CMC’s kart program is intended to provide a safe and fun venue for youngsters to become involved in autocross. All competitors without a valid driver’s license must complete our autocross school program prior to driving on our regular competition courses. Minimum school participant age is eight years old.

Kart Classing

Kart Tech

Kart Schools

Our schools are designed to progress at the rate of the child. Due to this fact we can not determine how many classes your child will need to attend before receiving their “competition license”.

When the kart chair judges that the child can drive safely, within their limits they will “graduate” and be able to drive on the regular competition course. Understanding how autocross courses are setup and are navigated is essential to having them participate on the same couse as the autos after obtaining their license at our regular events.

CMC now requires pre-registration for attendance at our autocross kart schools. Class size is limited.

Some experience driving a kart is needed to obtain our “Junior Competition License.” Contact our kart chair for more details on scheduling.