2016 Season Update

Hello CMC Members,

We have a lot to cover for the 2016 autocross season, so let’s get into it!

Online Payment & Registration
For 2016 you will be able to prepay and register online for our events in AXWare. All participants are expected to preregister.

AXWare Garage Update
We will be clearing all of the vehicles registered in AXWare to improve data quality this season. We will issue an update once this is complete.

Multi-Event Pass
This year we’re offering $100 passes that can be used for entry to five events.  It’s a great value if you’re planning to attend multiple events. We process your payment securely through PayPal. Your order will be reflected in your AXWare account shortly after your payment is processed by the treasurer.

As a reminder, new members can run their 1st event as a non-member. After that you will need to become a member. Membership is $35 for an individual and $40 for a family. Existing CMC members will need to submit payment prior to the first event. More details on membership can be found here.

Event Pricing
Minor events are $25 and major events are priced at $35. All events require preregistration.

Event Schedule
We’re still negotiating with a few venues and expect to have closure soon. Once we lock everything in we will send a follow-up with all the schedule details. You can expect to see many of our standard locations and of course Loring is already scheduled.